Anechoic Chamber

stand alone anechoic chamber 3d render dampening foam

At DUJUD, we have designed and manufactured portable anechoic chambers for 5G and mmWave frequencies. Our custom-made anechoic chambers include several motors that enable the measurement and characterization of broadband circular polarized antennas, linear antennas, phased arrays, among others. With the use of our custom motor drivers utilizing micro-stepping and interpolation, extremely smooth motor movements prevent vibrations in both the Antenna Under Test (AUT), as well as improving movement accuracy. This results in patterns with such little mechanical noise that you may think the measurement was a simulation; plots are generated via our automated software both for 2D cross sections and 3D patterns of realized gain, directivity patterns, axial ratios, ellipse axis, side lobe levels, and more. Example scripts to control phased array beam forming networks during measurement are included as well for R&D teams.

DUJUD’s anechoic chamber currently supports Keysight VNAs; however, additional VNA support will be provided upon a request.

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