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Conform 3D PCB

3D Printed Circuit Boards

Our revolutionary conformal 3D printed circuit boards (3D-PCB) are manufactured with a micron-scale resolution process at room temperature. This exhilarating technology is a high volume qualified manufacturing scheme that not only competes with conventional PCBs but also offers performance metrics and 3D geometry that were unattainable before.

3D Antenna Chip being held

3D Antenna Chips

Using our trailblazing proprietary additive manufacturing process, we are able to fabricate chip size 3D phased-array mmWave antennas for 5G modems. The multi-directionality of the 3D detector array allows for a previously unattainable scanner angle.

Conformal 3D Radar Sensor

Conformal Radar Sensors

Using DUJUD’s 3D printing technology we are able to seamlessly embed electronics and antennas with no or little post-assembly. Accordingly, our 3D printed radar sensors product line addresses the need for small form factor integration and scaling requirement in automotive and consumer-electronics industries.

Terahertz imaging for medical purposes

Conformal Terahertz Imager

DUJUD is advancing state-of-the-art THz imaging devices by employing its proprietary micron-scale 3D printed electronics. Our commercial grade conformal THz imager aims to address the ever-growing need for non-invasive portable medical imagers. The technology offers dense integration of electronics for arrays of radiators and detectors in a 3D space which exhibits unprecedented high signal-to-noise ratio and near zero phase errors, hence resulting in detailed imaging capabilities.

Conformal 3d printed antenna array

Conformal 3D Printed Antennas

Using unparalleled research and technology we have the ability to 3D print leading edge antennas on a rigid yet curved substrate, allowing for a wider scanning angle without compromising mechanical stability.

3D Printed MEMS Device

3D MEMS Devices

At DUJUD our micron-scale 3D printed MEMS Devices enables simple integration of many different parts (e.g., antennas, passives, on-substrate interconnects, pads, etc.) in a monolithic fashion, hence no or little post-assembly process is needed.

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Research and development from the experts
3D printer

Micron-scale 3D printing

Our proprietary 3D printing technologies are available as commercial services. We offer metal 3D printing at micron-scale with excellent electrical properties for electronic applications.

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3D on CMOS 3D printed


Our proprietary 3D additive micro-fabrication technologies enable monolithic-like manufacturing of 3D MEMS devices on CMOS chips at wafer-scale. This capability creates a large design space that was previously unattainable with conventional 2D CMOS microfabrication technologies.

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Conformal Terahertz imaging blanket with detector and radiator

Terahertz Imaging

Terhertz waves open a window into non-ionizing imaging for purposes such as screening, health diagnostics, and general inspections. We at DUJUD make Terahertz imaging cost-effective with our 3D printing.

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