Who we are

 DUJUD is a tech Startup that conducts cutting-edge semiconductor research and focuses on different aspects of additive manufacturing technologies for electronic applications. DUJUD is currently ranked among the fastest growing tech startups in the world based on revenue. DUJUD undoubtedly received the biggest market validation by signing multi-million-dollar contracts in its first year of operation, and more funding is consistently secured to well position DUJUD for delivering its revolutionary technology to the semiconductor industry.

 DUJUD is working to fill the technological gaps in the semiconductor industry by utilizing proprietary 3D printing technologies at unprecedented resolutions down to the nano-meter scale. This not only enables using an additive manufacturing scheme for building functional micro-devices (e.g., sensors, RF components, etc.), but it also allows for microfabricating devices in 3D that notably exhibit higher performance metrics than 2D devices.

 We are working to transform the additive manufacturing focus from one of low production and rapid prototyping into one with a mass-manufacturing emphasis for the electronic industry. We are committed to be on the leading edge of technology in the US market and abroad while expecting to significantly influence key markets such as MEMS, on-chip applications, 3D electronics, microfluidics, cell-probing, and other bio-microdevices via our proprietary 3D printing technologies.