3D Phased Arrays

Emerging extremely-high-frequency (i.e., mmWave) radar and telecommunication systems offer an unprecedented bandwidth density and high-performance metrics.  However, technical barriers exist that limit the performance of these systems; specifically, 1) the integration of high-power, front-end electronics and components (including the antenna block) operating in the mmWave spectrum and 2) the manufacturing of large-scale arrays of micron-sized resolution antennas are challenging and demand innovative solutions. 3D printing of micro-electronics offers a monolithic-like manufacturing scheme that addresses the aforementioned shortcomings by exploiting the third dimension and enabling the high-density integration of different components including microfluidic cooling, power electronics, and phased-array antenna blocks, among others. Accordingly, DUJUD has developed and commercialized the world’s first 3D printing technology for manufacturing of micro-electronics components and demonstrated the first ever mmWave phased-array antenna system for SATCOM applications. This technology will significantly increase channel density for populated areas while notably reducing the required number of satellites to operate a network, resulting in low total-cost-of-ownership.  

Relative to 2D counterparts, DUJUD’s 3D technology exhibits significant improvement for several major performance metrics as follows: 

  • Increase the Signal-to-Interference-Plus-Noise-Ratio (SINR) by more than 10 dB 
  • Increase the 3dB scanning angle by approximately 80%. 
  • Enhanced anti-jamming capability by 3x.   
  • Decrease the size of a SATCOM antenna by a minimum of 10%. 

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